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Warble On, Chap. 2

Wes's POV

"Yes, Evan, that's true, but see, one does not simply hide from the Brightman twins."

"Well dear brother, lets find this young lad, shall we?"

"We shall!"

The Tweedles darted down the hall in the opposite direction, leaving me confused and slightly terrified. I was just gathering myself together when I bumped into someone..again.

"Shit..sorry. I seem to be doing that a lot."

"It's not a problem..you lost?"

Sort of..

"No..I just kind of almost got attacked by two Windsors.."

The tall guy raised his eyebrow.

"Two Windsors..blonde, twins, about..this tall?"

He gestured with his hand to a height just slightly below his shoulder.


"Ah. Brightman twins. I recommend you at least attempt to stay out of their way...they can be a handful at the least.."


The Windsor extended his hand.

"I'm Charlie, Charlie Amos."

"Wesley Hughes..or just Wes."

"Well, Hanover, good luck. You managed to get the sane house. Stay close to Justin, he'll help you out."


He walked off down the hallway into a classroom, leaving me to my thoughts.

..Who the hell is Justin?

Dwight Houston out, Bitches

Warble On, Ch. 1

I hope this doesn't totally suck..


Now, had anyone asked, Wesley Montgomery would absolutely deny ever having a relationship. But of course, most people called bullshit. He always had this look on his face suggesting he had gotten laid the previous night or something of the sort. You can't fake that stuff. So as he went on during school, he just pretended he was in his "happy place", so to speak. He was in his room at his house. He had Imagine Dragons blaring at full volume and he was writing. Writing stories of magnificent knights on their trusty steeds. Writing tales of supernatural humans trying to blend with the modern world. Writing his mind. But of course, he couldn't focus on that twenty-four seven. He had so much crap going on. His sister had just gotten a divorce. His little brother had started homeschooling after an incident that had him shaking for weeks. His parents were fighting over who knows what....again. He couldn't stay cooped up. So he decided he would at least try to make some friends. Or at least interact with other human life. Reality sucks.

Or so he thought.

He was late for class. Way late. He had overslept and was trying to finish his story before first period. God dammit, he would finish that story whether his body liked it or not. That backfired. "Oomph!" "Oh man, sorry! I didn't see you there. You need some help picking up your books?" "Nah, I'm goo-"
He looked up and saw one of the most beautiful boys he'd seen in his life.
"Sorry again, man! I'm totally late for first period." "Nah man, it's fine. I was late anyway, what's a little more time, eh?" He chuckled and picked up the rest of his books. "I'm David." "Wes."
"Wes. That's a cool name, bro." "Thanks..I guess." "Hey, man, I gotta get to class. Maybe I'll see you at lunch?" "Sure." "Cool! Catch you later."
God, he was falling hard and falling fast.

Never in a million years had he thought he'd talk to someone in school, much less have a crush. But he was determined not to let it get in the way. He had a career to focus on. He was a writer and he'll go to the ends of the world until he becomes one. Not that he expected to be the next Stephen King or James Patterson. He just wants to share his mind with the world. But here he was, thinking about that dark-skinned boy he met in the hallway. David. The name slipped off his tongue like honey. God, he was way in over his head. "Damn, Wes. Get your head together." He said to himself.

"Did I just hear someone-"

"-talking to themselves?"

"Why, that's the most-"

"Insane, strange, odd, unnatural thing."

Wes stopped dead in his tracks. What the hell were those two voices?

"Evan? Why isn't the young lad showing himself?"

"Why, Ethan, no true ninja shows oneself to the enemy."

Are they serious or are they just really racist?
Dwight Houston out, Bitches


Woah...Livejournal is pretty cool. So I pretty much made this because I love writing stories and this is just so much fun. I made this basically for CP Coulter's Dalton..or more like Dwight Houston himself. Because I love that boy. 
Dwight Houston out, Bitches



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